Starting an Exercise Routine While Managing Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

FAP News Today, November 2019 – Fitness Is an Important aspect of maintaining well-being, out It can be difficult to sustain a routine for hereditary ATTR amyloidosis patients. Knowing what exercises that can be done regularly before causing further pain can help patients improve their physical fitness. Read more about how to incorporate exercise in your daily routine.

Focus on Fitness: Taking Time to Exercise as a Caregiver

The Hawk Eye, November 2019 – One or the most important things caregivers can do to care for themselves is to exercise. It can help you sleep better, prevent you from getting sick, increase your energy and also relieve some stress. See more lips within the article on how lo fit exercise into your busy schedule.

How to Manage Peripheral Neuropathy Pain When Interacting with Children

FAP News Today, October 2019 – No one wants to be in pain when spending time with their loved ones, especially young, active children. Unfortunately, that can often be the case for hereditary ATTR amyloidosis patients. When it comes to physical issues such as these, caregivers play an important role to help patients so that they can enjoy activities with friends and family members. Learn more about how to avoid having interactions with children hindered by neuropathy.

Caring for the Caregiver: How to Find a Balance

Daily Herald, October 2019 – Caregiving can be a rewarding job, but it can also be time-consuming and stressful. It can even be a full-time job on top of your existing career, resulting in multiple changes to your daily life such as keeping track of your loved one’s medications and helping them with daily tasks. Taking quality time for yourself is a critical part of being a caregiver. Read more tips on how to help find balance, including surrounding yourself with a support network.

How to Manage Neuropathy Symptoms While Traveling

FAP News Today, October 2019 – For caregivers of hereditary ATTR amyloidosis patients, traveling can require significant planning and coordination for a smooth trip. Traveling can worsen patients’ neuropathy symptoms, causing significant pain when sitting in cramped spaces for extended periods of time. Large airports can also be troublesome as patients may need to walk far distances, aggravating their neuropathy pain. Read more tips about how to help manage neuropathy symptoms and ensure comfortable and safe travel.

Important Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

News Medical Life Sciences, October 2019 – As a caregiver for a patient with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, you may begin to take on new responsibilities that can quickly lead to burnout. You’re caring for a loved one each day, taking them to doctor’s appointments and monitoring their symptoms. If you’re burnt out or not taking care of your own health, you’ll likely struggle to provide the quality care that your loved one needs. Read about tips to help avoid caregiver burnout and suggestions for how to take time for yourself whenever possible.

It’s a Small World

Pharma Times, September 2019 – Read more about the impact of digital communication on the rare disease community and how it’s greatly improved the patient experience. With information and resources available at the touch of a button, technology now allows patients to connect more easily with each other and for the pharmaceutical industry to also interact with the rare disease community.

Massage Therapy May Relieve Neuropathy Symptoms

FAP News Today, August 2019 – Studies have shown that massage therapy may be beneficial for patients who are experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms and could potentially help prevent further nerve damage. Learn more about why this therapy is thought to work and how you can start self-administering massage therapy today.

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